Saggy Breasts

As a 20 something I would have never thought saggy boobs represent some sort of canonistic experience for women of all ages regardless of social-economics, and or demographics. See unless you saw me naked, you would never guess I have saggy boobs. Yes I said it. I have saggy boobs.

It’s like one morning I woke up, rolled on my back and my boobs just didn’t follow with the rest of my body. I’m not kidding, when I lie down, 80 percent of my breasts fall into my armpit. It’s really cute.

At the ripe age of 23, they’re completely deflated. I thought boob sag would only come after pregnancy, but I was wrong. Gravity is a law. My body has abided.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to gravity to deserve this boob sag. Sometimes I’ll lift them up, look in the mirror and gawk at how much of my body they cover up. My upper ribs are constantly in the shadow of my under-boob.

When I hit puberty, my ta-tas were a size D. I even had stretch marks in high school because my chest was #blessed. But at around age 20, my overwhelming D-cups deflated to modest C-cups.

Another thing I noticed my boob sag is my biggest insecurity when it comes to hooking up. They look great when they’re tucked up into a bra, but once that comes off, they’re just going to flop out. It’s like opening a bag of chips only to find more air than chips.

Then there’s the gym… OMG!!! Has anyone else gone to the gym, attempted to do some crunches and all of the sudden notice half your boob is leaking out the side of your sports bra? Just me? OK.

If you have saggy boobs, sports bras work their magic by reinforcing everything, but your boobs just get flattened against your chest in the most unflattering way. They do this droopy, separation thing as you run on the treadmill. It’s just not cute.

No matter what bra cup size you have, you probably struggle to find bathing suits that fit well. I laugh when I look at string bikinis because they’re just something I’ll never be able to wear. Ever since I grew these damn things, bikini tops have been my worst enemy. Either I’m busting out of them, forming an attractive quad boob (when they spill out the top) or there’s no support whatsoever. That’s when I contemplate just avoiding beaches altogether.

My cleavage used to be difficult to cover up. Now, I can only create Victoria’s Secret-worthy cleavage when there’s a gravity-defying push-up bra involved.

So I wrote all of this to say, you are not the only woman to deal with boob sag.

Question: Have you ever experienced boob sag?

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lost orgasm

I think I’ve lost my orgasm.  I really do think I lost my orgasm.

How is that possible? That’s what I want to know. Lately, it takes my body much more time and effort (on the man’s part) to take me to a higher place. I want to go to a higher place, dammit! I am 23 – the age of notorious and desirable sex. I am turned on easily. But a climax? Not so much.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s the man whom I am bedding. Not at all. He’s good. The sex and chemistry is awesome. There’s passion and snap, crackle and pop. We have that fabulous zaa zaa zoo which means my vagina is not settling. It’s me, I tell ya. I think I lost my orgasm.

I did some research to see if this is possible, and what to do when you can’t reach The Big O. According to my friend (Boss) Amy Goldenberg, Consumer Research Analyst, SurveyStud, Inc, about 15% of women (18 – 44) have never experienced an orgasm. I can say that I have; it’s just missing in action! Because having an orgasm when you’re young is suppose to be easy.

Research states that after the age of 40 women experience more vaginal dryness and a drop in hormone levels–but not at 23 🤔. And that’s a problem. Having an orgasm is a “complex dance of physical stimulation and reaction,” according to Amy. Our neither region responds to touch, sending signals to our brain which then lubricates the pepa and pumps blood to the area. Heavy breathing commences and you scream for God Almighty while you climax – if you’re lucky. If you’re in my position, you dream of days when you did orgasm.

Note: It’s been 7 weeks!

And that’s another factor for losing the Big Bang. My understanding the more sex I have the more likelihood of an orgasm because I’m increasing lubrication. 

So basically what her research is saying to me, If you don’t use your va-j-j, you may just lose your orgasm.

Question: Have you ever lost your orgasm?

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