Pressure and Expectations 

As a woman I find or feel I have a lot of pressure and expectations put on me without a vote in the process.

It’s like I’m expected to get married, I’m expected to give head, I’m expected to have kids, expected to do so so many things, I’m not sure I want to do. When do I get a say in what I want to do, instead of having the pressure(s) of expectations thrust upon me.

I’m 23 soon to be 24, and you know sometimes I don’t feel like giving head, and marriage… OMG, really, I can’t freak’n pop popcorn without burning it–never less being a wife.

I just want to do what I want to do. I want to walk around in sweats with no bra and/or makeup, and watch Orange is the New Black or whatever, and not feel pressured to do anything. I want to flat out say NO, without feeling inconsiderate or sitting for hours wondering if my text response was rude. I just want to be me.

As a child women are drunkened with the “this is how you should behave,” attributes–however, I feel somewhere along the generations, someone forgot to tell/teach me/women its ok to be who you are. Its ok.

Now I’m not saying I dont want the family thing, because I do–not now, not just yet. I want to live with out feeling I got to do X,Y, and Z. I want to say I have to pee without feeling trashy. Oh another thing I want to do… I want to tell or say excuse me (within 2 seconds) to the person standing in the middle of the isle at the grocery store.

OMG OMG this may seem strange but guys do it all the time. But me, no I freak’n stand there like forever without saying anything, because I don’t want to seem rude.

But guys like my dad or brothers, man they will say excuse me, keep it moving and its done.

Question: Do you feel woman have unwanted Pressure and Expectations?

Leave a comment below…

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5 thoughts on “Pressure and Expectations 

  1. This is an asexual thing. It more about how society was educated. In truth you and every person should not be exposed to shallow pressures. I am male and i suffer expectations and pressure all the time unless i am alone in my place


  2. I relate to this post all too well, I’m a non-conventional chick myself. Always told to be more proper, to cuss less, to stand right when walking, to dress girly-er… Every one expects me to get married and pop out kids, but that’s not the path of life I want for myself. Or well, like you said; “NOT YET, AT LEAST”.

    I’ve started a little over a year ago to stop walking off to the side when people approached me and let THEM move out of the way. It may seem rude or as if I’m entitled, but to me it’s standing for myself when others do it regardless. Do you by chance have anxiety of sorts?

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  3. I think the person that puts unwanted pressure on me is usually myself. I wanted to get married and have kids, but I do miss the sleeping in and being lazy as much as I want. I just look forward to when the kids are old enough to send off to college. (:

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