First off, let me just say that my vagina is A-OK as is. She looks fine, she tastes fine, she smells fine.

I’m a firm believer that God makes each beautiful clamshell perfect just the way she is. I still remember telling a male friend in my younger, more image-conscious days that I shaved my pubic hair off because it just seemed “more sanitary.” To which he responded, “It’s a vagina, not a hospital.”And he was right — it’s not a hospital, nor is it one of those Philosophy bath sets that come out around Christmas with shower gels named “Sugar Cookie” and “Holiday Spice.” It’s OK if it just looks and smells and tastes like, you know, a vagina. I long ago stopped trying to achieve a smooth, plasticized Barbie crotch and now just keep things sort of tidy and contained down there, when I’m not too lazy.

First of all, I love the phrase “vagina spa,” it just sounds clean. Anywho, I decided to take my vagina to a spa, I was left with the task of deciding what vagina service to avail myself of. Should I get the vagina steam, designed to “cleanse, tone and nourish the cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues”? Nah, too Goop. Or the V-Lift, which promises to “plump and smooth out wrinkles” and, I kid you not, give my va-j-j that “Kylie Jenner-esque lips … on my lips”? Intriguing, but the service required a clean pap smear in the last 6 months, and my most recent was from 9 months ago.

That left me with The O-Shot, described as a “simple procedure that uses your own blood plasma, which is injected into the vagina, to enhance sexual pleasure.” OH, IS THAT ALL? You’re just going to take blood out of my arm and use a needle to inject it into my clitoris and G-spot? No biggie.

The O-shot is supposed to work by isolating plasma-rich platelets (PRP) from the blood, then injecting them back into the body, where the growth hormones within set to work rejuvenating the vagina, treating incontinence, looseness, dryness and lack of sensation.

That O? It stands for “orgasm.” As in crazy-strong, “blow-a-hole-through-the-roof” orgasms. So the first few days afterward, I wasn’t sure if I was feeling much. I thought I felt a little more aware of my clitoris (but not CONSTANTLY AWARE, whew), and it seemed like my orgasms might be a little different. In fact, the first thing my fiancé said when I had my first post-O-short orgasm was, “That seemed different.”

What…? Did I make a mistake–I mean what do you mean “different?”

It definitely seemed a little different, but I hadn’t gotten off for awhile before that, so I wasn’t totally sure it was the shot. And I felt the same way about the next few orgasms — yeah, they seemed a little different, but was it really the shot, or was this just an “I want to believe” situation because I let someone put a needle in my vagina?

But then there was a distinct turn. By the third week, I started feeling much more sensation during sex. I was more quickly aroused, and it was much easier to orgasm once we got started. A few times I even got myself off with my hand during intercourse. My hand. I hadn’t gotten off without the horsepower of the Hitachi Magic wand in ages.

Having an orgasm felt like tipping the ball into the hoop from the rim gently, as opposed to shooting a 3-point shot from half-court. And the orgasms just seemed to get stronger and better, until they were lasting for what felt like minutes. (But were probably actually, like, 15 awesome seconds.)

“That seemed different,” became a regular post-orgasm commentary from my fiancé. In fact, I asked him this morning what specifically had changed about my orgasms, and he said that before I acted “kind of like a woman who’d just had a cat jump on her stomach,” and now I act like “that moment when the devil is inside you and they dump holy water on you.”

Overall, I’m about twice as likely to feel stimulated during sex and achieve orgasm, and those orgasms are stronger and better every time.

Question: What do you think about the O-Shot

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4 thoughts on “O-Shot

  1. Very, very interesting. I think this would really help the older generation (like me). They just have to make sure they take all their medication before they jump on. Love your articles, very informative which I had this information when I was a few eons younger.

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