Her Feelings

Guys I’m passionate and emotional. My mood shifts day-to-day, hour-to-hour. To make me (women) feel good, you have to say and do the right things.

Now I understand “some of you” may believe your girl is the most stunning woman alive. I know this because I’ve seen you go out of your way to make her feel special, and appreciated. Yet with every positive there must be a negative. Negative being the guy-guy(s) that make women feel unattractive. How about this, just leave a comment after you read the blogg:

– Fail to compliment her efforts. You are the one person on earth whose opinion she values most. She needs to know you think she’s stunning both during the times she makes extra effort (i.e. takes a shower rather than just using dry shampoo), and the days she’s sick in bed.

– Praise another woman with words you’ve never used for your girl. If you are referring to a woman as drop dead gorgeous, and you’ve never used such powerful descriptions to describe your girl, it’s devastating to her.

She knows you find other women attractive, and for the most part, she’s OK with that. But when you emphatically compliment another woman, your partner feels like you are comparing her to that woman and she’s the one not measuring up. Your comments may be innocent, but it’s a dagger in her heart.

– Porn. Nothing will make her feel more despairingly inadequate than you looking at porn. A study by SurveyStud, Inc showed that after men were exposed to porn, they rated themselves as less in love with their partner, and were more critical of their partner’s appearance, sexual performance and displays of affection. From the female POV, you are saying to her, she is not good enough. As time goes by and you continue to look at porn, you’ll come to believe that about her as well. That is how we think.

– Not initiating a hug or kiss. Withholding physical affection except when you want to be intimate makes her feel used and undesirable.

Try kissing her one evening and telling her you love her. If you do this just because you love her, with no expectation of having sex after, she’ll feel beautiful and adored.

– Do a double take when another woman walks by. We know you’re wired to notice and appreciate beauty, but please learn not to gawk.

Similar to the reasons explained in complimenting another woman, you cannot understand how deeply it hurts your her to see you check out another woman. (And trust me: She notices, even when she doesn’t say anything.)

– Peek at your phone while your sweetheart is talking. Make eye contact with her when she is talking to you. It sounds simple, but it’s a common problem.

If you’re staring at your phone while she’s talking, she’ll start to wonder what’s wrong with her — even if you’re only checking ESPN for the halftime score. Couples who have a conversation with a phone nearby reported less trust in their partner, and a lower quality relationship, according to the folks at SurveyStud, Inc.

Question: Ladies what other items could I add to this list?

Leave a commwnt below…

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