The Art of Walking in Heels

Heels are the perfect addition to just about any outfit — and they make our legs look like a supermodel’s — yet wearing them comes at a price.

And it’s not just pain and blisters; even walking in them gracefully is a challenge.

So it’s no surprise that a recent picture of Rihanna gliding over a New York City subway grate in pointy stilettos practically made my head spin.

Shortly after seeing this I spoke with Amy Goldenberg, Consumer Research Analyst, SurveyStud, Inc to get data/uncover the secrets to walking in 4-inch stilettos (Your feet will definitely thank her later for this one.)

1. It’s all about posture.

Amy said, remember when your mom was always telling you to stand up straight? Turns out mom really does know best.

2. Work that inner core.

Besides giving you hopes of getting a six-pack, building inner core strength can actually help you walk better. Amy added that Pilates is her exercise of choice. Perhaps that’s the secret behind celebrities and models walking for hours on end in sky-high shoes.

3. There’s some homework involved.

What you do at home can actually make a difference when it comes to hitting the city streets with grace and elegance.

4. How you step matters.

Walking might not be as easy as 1-2-3.

Amy also said the key to walking in heels is trying a Y-step. Each time you step, land on the outer border of the heel and toe off.

5. Now put this all together.

If this seems overwhelming, I promise it’s not. According to Amy, here’s what you need to remember H-A-P-P-Y:

H: Head held high

A: Abdominal muscles pulled in

P: Pelvis in neutral

P: Press chest down

Y: Y-step

Perhaps it’s not so hard after all.

Question: Have you mastered walking in heels?

Leave a comment below…

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