Cheated On Then Dumped

Is there anything worse than being dumped? Don’t answer that. I know that basically there are lot of things worse than being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, but there’s something so raw and personal about being dumped. It feels personal because it absolutely is personal. All the emotions that you go through — sometimes for days, and (I hate to admit) sometimes for much, much longer like year.

We all have our rituals that we do to get over a breakup. Some people have certain music that they listen over and over to, careful not to play their song or sometimes deliberately playing their song. Other people indulge in whatever numbs the pain whether it’s icecream or a little medicinal weed. I’m not judging you, I have been there too.

When I’ve been badly dumped (and there is a difference between the yeah, I can tell this relationship is doomed to the out-of-nowhere breakup) it sometimes felt as if I cried more than I actually spoke. Sure, I tapered off with my crying, but it took a really long time to stop completely as if I had to go through a rehab for heartbreak.

No matter how you try to avoid it, we all get dumped sometimes. It’s not fun, but you can survive it. Here are things to remind yourself to ease the heartbreak:

1. You Are Everything

End of story. If he or she, doesn’t see that, then why would you want someone so clueless in your life?

2. All Bad Times Eventually End

It seems as if this post-breakup period will never end and that the pain is infinite, but it will be gone someday, and you’ll look back on that idiot of an ex and think “Why did I lose my sh*t over them?” You’ve just got to feel all the feels.

3. Now Is Not The Time To Hide Away

You may be doing everything in your power not to have to explain the breakup to anyone and to not run into your ex and their new love. Eff that, get dressed, do whatever it takes to face people and get out there.

4. Your Future Is So Bright, No One Can Throw You Any Shade

Everybody is going to tell you that it takes time to get over a breakup and inside you’re going to think they’re all wrong: you will never get over this. But you will, and you’ll be the same person you always were just with an extra layer of empathy and wisdom. All your ex did was intensify the brilliance that is you.

5. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of You

Getting dumped can feel like getting a punch to the gut and a stab in the heart at exactly the same time and it can be tempting to blame the fact that things didn’t work out on yourself. Don’t do it. You’re great, amazing, spectacular. Just because your ex didn’t get the how amazing you are, doesn’t mean you need to shrink down your self-esteem and self-confidence.

6. It’s Time To Focus On Moving On

Stop obsessing over them and try to keep the Social Media stalking–I mean, making sure they’re doing OK, to a minimum.

Finally (based on personal experience), that relationship was “training grounds” so you understand how to handle Mr. or Ms. Right For You!

Question: Have you ever been dumped?

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