Signs He May Be Big

I’ve had a couple of drinks so work with me. Question have you ever wanted to be able to tell where he might fall without having to undress him? Well, here are the tricks of the trade. Take note, while this might not be 100% accurate, I can guarantee an 80% accuracy.

While it is difficult to tell since you might find some short and average height men with huge dungs, you can equally find those with peanuts, same thing applies to tall men.

But because you all desire that tall, dark, and handsome man; here’s the juice about what might be inside that jean!

Disclaimer: To every general rule there must be an exception

1. The fairest man in the room might have the smallest dick – lol, I know this sounds very stereotypical but hey, fact is fact. I have friends (and they talk!) so, the fairer he is, the more likely it is to be small.

2. The lankiest man might have the chunkiest dick – I know, you’ve been made to think that those fitness buffs are the real deal; honey… well! Leave it all up to those slim shaddies. They’ll reap you apart!

3. The broader the chest the more likely it is to be long – Broad chested men are blessed! They’re like a gift that never stops giving. Short or tall, they’ve proven their selves time without number.

4. If he’s hausa, then he’s hung – I know you’ve heard the myth that hausa guys are endowed, ladies, I am here to say YES to all you’ve heard.

5. If he has a big hand and feet then he’s likely to be big down there too – Now that you know, watch out for those big handed and footed men out there, they’re almost definitely always endowed!

Question of the day: Do you agree?

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4 thoughts on “Signs He May Be Big

  1. I don’t agree. I have seen and experienced a lot of cocks – there is no rhyme or reason to their size. It is impossible to make a generalization based upon coloring, size of hands or feet, size of chest, height, ethnicity, etc.

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  2. I dunno. Without a proper scientific study including height/weight data, and chest measurements, feet and hand measurements, I’m thinking your argument might not stand up to peer review.
    Having said that, if you’ve seen a lot of dicks, and you can speak from personal experience, who am I to judge?


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