When Ur Best/Good Bra Rips

First don’t judge. On an average month after bills, my bank account may have $600 in it. So with that said, every dime counts.

Anyway, don’t you hate spending $50+ for a bra, only to have the underwire poke through, stabbing you with every move you make? Ugh. In the past, I’ve thrown away these bras without a second thought, thinking that was the end of the bra. Wrong! I finally got smart and decided to fix my broken underwire bra myself this time!

Don’t throw away those $50, $80, $200 bras, just spend 5 minutes and $2 to fix them yourself! I spent about 5 minutes yesterday repairing a bra, and now it’s back in business- so much better than throwing it out!

I bought the upholstery thread at Joanns for around $2 (regular price is around $3- 40% off coupon), and you can find it with the regular thread. I used the upholstery thread because it’s much much thicker and stronger than regular thread, and I only want to have to repair this bra once 😉

You’ll also need a teeny tiny piece of duck tape.


1. Pull out the underwire a little bit through the hole it is poking through. Use a teeny little piece of duck tape to cover up the sharp end of the metal underwire, so it will be more difficult for it to poke through again. Be sure you don’t use too much tape, or it won’t fit back through the hole! Push the underwire back down through the hole as far as you can.

2. Thread your needle with the upholstery thread, and start stitching under the hole, and all the way up and over the hole. I used more stitches than I probably needed to, but I’d rather do a really good job once than have to do this multiple times! I stitched under the wire, and then up and over. Tie a knot at the end when you are finished.

3. Apply some fabric glue or clear nail polish over the entire stitched surface. This will give the thin material some extra protection from the wire poking through again.

Not too bad, right? Definitely worth saving $50 – $200 for 5 minutes of easy work, don’t you think?! I fixed my bra yesterday and it’s working just like before- no sharp stabbing for me!

Now you know…

Question of the day: Have you ever had to throw away a “good / favorite” bra because it ripped?

Leave a comment below…

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