Eyeliner Tips

With so many different looks and trends of eye makeup out there it’s no wonder we feel a little overwhelmed trying to find eyeliner tips that best suit our own needs. Hence our inspiration for putting together a detailed list of our favorite eyeliner tips to help in your search for new eyeliner ideas, tried and true eyeliner eyeliner tricks to incorporate into your daily eye makeup routine. We’re getting down to the nitty gritty of eyeliner with a little help from makeup artist Beth Bender and sharing our best tips to get you inspired too!

1. Wearing Top Liner

If you’re just starting to get into wearing eyeliner, the top lashline is about the easiest, and is pretty hard to mess up. Start with a dark brown or black pencil liner in a water resistant formula and begin by lining from the inner corner of eye to the outer edge of your upper lashline. Some suggest closing the eye and pulling the lid taut to draw your liner but we don’t recommend this technique as it can make the liner look uneven once you release your eyelid. A better way is to apply the liner in short strokes wiggling the pencil in between your lashes as you move along your lid. You can repeat this step again to make the line thicker if you like.

Pro Tip: An eyeliner tip for those afraid of not creating a straight line is to use either a small chiseled brush or an angled eyeliner brush and smudge the liner to make it softer. “This will give the illusion of a straighter line until you get the swing of applying it.,” says makeup artist Beth Bender.

2. Freezing Your Eyeliner

Is one of the best eyeliner secrets that helps an old liner feel like new again. 15 minutes prior to doing your eyes place your eyeliner into the freezer. This will allow for the tip to become firm and your eyeliner will go on smoothly for a perfect application.

3. Applying a colored liner is good eyeliner tip even if you’re a beginner

Eyeliner doesn’t always have to be black or brown. Sometimes wearing a navy blue or purple in place of your usual black or brown can actually enhance your eyes even more.

For beginners: To create this bright eyeliner look you’ll need a long-wearing pencil liner in a bright color of your choice. Long-wearing liners are available in both twist-up and non-twist pencils. Apply the liner to just your lower lashline from the outer corners towards the inner, using short strokes. You can taper the color as you line beyond the center of eye. If you’re concerned that just wearing liner underneath will look uneven you can add an eyeshadow to the top lid. Choose a color in the same hue, one or two shades brighter.

4. Accentuate your eyes with bright colors

Once you’ve gotten the swing of wearing colored eyeliner underneath the eyes the next step is to know which colors to choose for enhancing your eye color that gives them the WOW factor. For instance a purple, or violet shade will highlight blue eyes beautifully. If you have brown eyes try using a khaki-green, or bronze eyeliner color. For gals with green and hazel eyes, purple, green, brown, bronze and gold hues will all bring out your eye color. For those who have a little more practice one of the more striking eyeliner tips you might like to try is to pair your colored eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara all in the same color. It may sound like too much but it actually makes your eyes really stand out. Try a navy, violet, or an aubergine (egg plant) shade.

Pro Tip: If you can’t part with your dark liner you can add a thin black line along your upper lashline before applying mascara.

5. The Cat Eye

Over the years cat eyeliner makeup has evolved into a number of different looks including the winged liner. It’s a classic style of eye makeup that extends back thousands of years and even now still manages to be one of the hottest trends in eyeliner. The easiest way to create a classic cat eye is to use either a liquid liner or gel liner. For those not as comfortable using a liquid, go for the gel and use a taklon liner brush (synthetic) when applying. You’ll have more control and better results.

Pro Tip: Instead of applying your color in one swoop try applying small lines across the upper lid. You can go back and fill in any tiny gaps. For the cat eye point begin to turn your eyeliner brush up at about ¾ of the way out. For the classic look extend the liner no more than 1/4” beyond where your outer lid ends.

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