Things Men Do That Drive Women Crazy

We love you guys, but there are some things you do that drive us crazy!

So over the weekend I called Amy Goldenberg, Consumer Research Analyst, SurveyStud, Inc, and I asked her about research data on, things men do that drive women crazy.

The data reads:

1. Too Much Boy, Not Enough Man

At some point it’s time to grow up — and ditch the Billabong t-shirts, guys. It drives women crazy when they have to remind their men to dress like a grown up and more importantly, act like one. There is definitely a time and place for having fun and being childlike, but the refusal to grow up and be responsible is a very tough pill to swallow for most women, who do want a mature or at least a maturing man with some sense of direction.

2. It’s All About You

Women want you to take an interest in them, to pay attention to things they like, and to WANT to know what is going on in their lives. A big complaint about some guys is that they just aren’t thoughtful and are downright self-absorbed, not concerned with their partners wants or needs. As we all know, for a relationship to be successful, both people must give of themselves.

3. Mr. Angry/Possessive

It is really hard to be around this personality type – for anyone! Women definitely do not like when men treat them like possessions. Avoid things like checking up on your woman constantly, questioning her friendships with other men or women, or telling her what she can and can’t do. The same goes for the guy who just seems angry at the world, and has his girlfriend walking around on eggshells. Nice will get you a lot further than nasty, guys.

4. Too Much, Too Soon

On the opposite end of the commitment-phobe is the guy who actually talks marriage on a first, second or third date! Numerous women in the Advice community said their dates came on way too strong, invaded their personal space and raised serious red flags in the process. Demanding and overbearing were common complaints from women dealing with this issue.

5. He’s Way Too Comfortable

We’ll end on an easy-to-fix issue … the man who gets so comfy with his relationship that he lets it all hang out! Guys, close the bathroom door (and put down the toilet seat), put a little effort into your appearance (yes, that means showering and shaving before we go out) and keep on impressing us with your romantic gestures — just like you did when we first started dating.

6. All Talk and No Action

No, we’re not talking about bedroom behavior. What many women have an issue with is men who SAY they are going to do something, but don’t follow through. Some good examples include telling her you will call — and not picking up the phone. An even better example is telling a woman you are ready for a relationship, but your actions completely prove otherwise. Guys, be honest about who you are and where you are in life, and we’ll respect that a lot more.

7. You’re Dishonest About What You Want

This meshes well with point one, and deserves further explanation because this is really one of the biggest complaints we see from women about men. You tell a woman you are truly ready for commitment, pursue her … and then freak out. OR you have past entanglements (like that darn ex), which are really holding you back from being available for a relationship. Women would appreciate it so much more if men could be genuine with themselves and their partners about exactly what they want. We don’t want to get invested in you if you aren’t worth the time.

8. The Mama’s Boy

We are happy that you have a great relationship with your mother, but we don’t want to date your mother! Meddling mama’s can be a huge problem in a relationship, and even a deal breaker for many. Guys, it is important to set boundaries with your family and don’t let mom interfere in your love life. It’s also important that you strive for balance in your romantic relationships, because women, as a rule, don’t want to play mama. Childish does not equal attractive.

9. The Bump on a Log

We saw this complaint a lot – guys who are no fun, uptight, dull, take no initiative to plan any dates, or who never have any ideas about where to go for dinner, vacations, activities, etc. If you are like this, it’s time to wake up and find your passion. Put a little energy into your relationship. Boring equals D.O.A in the dating world.

10. The Ogle-Master

You may think you are being slick, but we caught you glancing at the hot chick as she passed by. We completely get that you are a visual creature – but it is really hurtful if we are out with you and you can’t stop scoping out the brunette at the table next to us. Many women complained about this behavior, saying it truly bothered them and even ruined the entire evening. Practicing a little self restraint in this area will earn you major points.

Now you know…

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