Female Ejaculation: My Experience

When I discovered I could orgasm I wondered how I’d lived the first 16 years of my life without it.

When I discovered I could orgasm with a man I was truly excited but unfortunately for men that didn’t happen until I was nearly 20. A rabbit helped me find and orgasm before a man did, good for the rabbit, he’s still in employment from time to time, bad for the men I dated who no longer get to enjoy the privilege of having sex with me, and it is a privilege.🙂

However when I first found out I could actually explode and ejaculate and do it all with my own fingers I wondered if I would ever need another man in my life!

You see I’d been reading one of those trashy women’s well being websites and for some reason when I saw the link to “Make her cum” I clicked it. I started out reading with only a half interest but by the time I got 4 paragraphs in the author was describing that it’s not only possible for some women to cum but to cum with such force that it puts a man’s orgasm to shame, not only that the enjoyment of cumming is often followed by the enjoyment of orgasm.

I was somewhat skeptical, maybe naive, I’d of course heard women talk about cumming, some even talk about ‘squirting’ but I actually thought the idea of ejaculation in women was a myth. Obviously I just hadn’t been with the right guys. Hello Rabbit!
Apparently some women can’t do it, apparently some, like me, just hadn’t learnt how to do it. So here’s my method, a method I have honed over the last 10 years since I first started doing it, maybe you could try it yourself.


Alone at last, my husband had finally gone to work, I thought he’d never leave. Afternoon shift was always a killer, I wanted him to hang around, to be with him, but some days I was just horny as hell for my own fun. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband and love having sex with him but he’s never been able to give me the pleasure I can give myself, maybe it’s a sub-conscious thing where I wont let him do it because it’s my secret, I’m not sure but I do love my ‘alone’ time.

Hearing his car drive out the driveway I went straight to the bathroom, firstly to relieve myself because it helps with what I had planned, secondly to get my rabbit. Several minutes later I was laying on the bed completely naked, I didn’t need any video simulation, my mind worked well enough.

I started out rubbing the vibrating rabbit against my clit, small gently circles around and around until I could feel myself getting wet. I then slowly moved the circling head up and down my moistening lips, rubbing it between the folds of skin. I started out with gentle pressure sliding the toy up and down, circling my pussy entrance but not entering it then slowly dragging the thing back up to my clit and repeating with just a little more pressure on each of the sensitive parts.

Closing my eyes I began thinking of this guy at the grocery store, I’m not sure why he did it for me but he nearly always got my heart started, by the time I was finished I wouldn’t need to be thinking about anyone.

I rubbed and slid that vibrating toy up and down for several minutes, enjoying the tingling sensations it was sending through my groin. When I finally inserted the rabbit into my waiting and desperate vagina I moaned, a little louder than I expected but with no one else home it didn’t matter.

The circular motion of the rabbit rubbing against my inner vagina was driving me insane. I began sliding the big red rabbit out of me then thrusting my hips toward it driving it inside me. I changed speeds and made him work faster. Thrust after thrust I moaned and relished the feeling in my wet vagina.

I only lasted a few minutes with the rabbit doing his magic before it was time to make my own magic. Turning my lively little friend off I pulled him out and dropped him on the bed beside me to give him a well deserved rest and took matters into my own hands.

Inserting two fingers into myself was pleasurable, feeling both fingers move separately, each rubbing a different area had me breathing fast again within seconds. I was so wet, so excited and so turned on I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I turned my attention to what I’d really been hanging out for.

I gently pushed my two fingers up against my g-spot, (yes it’s there for you unbelieving men) and applied gentle pressure. With both fingers I pushed and rubbed, pushed and rubbed, then immediately pulled them away. Less than a second later I repeated the move, then again, and again. Each time applying a little more pressure to my g-spot, rubbing harder and pushing harder. At the same time I used my left hand to squeeze and rub my swollen clit.

Knowing the exact target helped and it took me very little time to work myself up into a state I could not return from. Seconds later with my fingers gently pushed against my g-spot I came. I exploded, I squirted, all over my fingers and right hand and all over the bed sheets. Unlike the male orgasm which is explode and it’s all over for me I explode then orgasm.

I came solidly for nearly 20 seconds at which time I began orgasming. I held my fingers firmly against my g-spot applying pressure and moving my vagina muscles. Gently pinching my clit I then clamped my legs and rode out the movements of my fingers inside me. My orgasm was loud, rocked me on the bed and left me breathless.

When I finally removed my fingers I was sitting in a wet spot that would make most men jealous. I knew my future had me changing the bed sheets before my husband got home at midnight but my immediate future was all about recovery and regaining my breath!

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