Female Ejaculation: My Experience

When I discovered I could orgasm I wondered how I’d lived the first 16 years of my life without it.

When I discovered I could orgasm with a man I was truly excited but unfortunately for men that didn’t happen until I was nearly 20. A rabbit helped me find and orgasm before a man did, good for the rabbit, he’s still in employment from time to time, bad for the men I dated who no longer get to enjoy the privilege of having sex with me, and it is a privilege.🙂

However when I first found out I could actually explode and ejaculate and do it all with my own fingers I wondered if I would ever need another man in my life!

You see I’d been reading one of those trashy women’s well being websites and for some reason when I saw the link to “Make her cum” I clicked it. I started out reading with only a half interest but by the time I got 4 paragraphs in the author was describing that it’s not only possible for some women to cum but to cum with such force that it puts a man’s orgasm to shame, not only that the enjoyment of cumming is often followed by the enjoyment of orgasm.

I was somewhat skeptical, maybe naive, I’d of course heard women talk about cumming, some even talk about ‘squirting’ but I actually thought the idea of ejaculation in women was a myth. Obviously I just hadn’t been with the right guys. Hello Rabbit!
Apparently some women can’t do it, apparently some, like me, just hadn’t learnt how to do it. So here’s my method, a method I have honed over the last 10 years since I first started doing it, maybe you could try it yourself.


Alone at last, my husband had finally gone to work, I thought he’d never leave. Afternoon shift was always a killer, I wanted him to hang around, to be with him, but some days I was just horny as hell for my own fun. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband and love having sex with him but he’s never been able to give me the pleasure I can give myself, maybe it’s a sub-conscious thing where I wont let him do it because it’s my secret, I’m not sure but I do love my ‘alone’ time.

Hearing his car drive out the driveway I went straight to the bathroom, firstly to relieve myself because it helps with what I had planned, secondly to get my rabbit. Several minutes later I was laying on the bed completely naked, I didn’t need any video simulation, my mind worked well enough.

I started out rubbing the vibrating rabbit against my clit, small gently circles around and around until I could feel myself getting wet. I then slowly moved the circling head up and down my moistening lips, rubbing it between the folds of skin. I started out with gentle pressure sliding the toy up and down, circling my pussy entrance but not entering it then slowly dragging the thing back up to my clit and repeating with just a little more pressure on each of the sensitive parts.

Closing my eyes I began thinking of this guy at the grocery store, I’m not sure why he did it for me but he nearly always got my heart started, by the time I was finished I wouldn’t need to be thinking about anyone.

I rubbed and slid that vibrating toy up and down for several minutes, enjoying the tingling sensations it was sending through my groin. When I finally inserted the rabbit into my waiting and desperate vagina I moaned, a little louder than I expected but with no one else home it didn’t matter.

The circular motion of the rabbit rubbing against my inner vagina was driving me insane. I began sliding the big red rabbit out of me then thrusting my hips toward it driving it inside me. I changed speeds and made him work faster. Thrust after thrust I moaned and relished the feeling in my wet vagina.

I only lasted a few minutes with the rabbit doing his magic before it was time to make my own magic. Turning my lively little friend off I pulled him out and dropped him on the bed beside me to give him a well deserved rest and took matters into my own hands.

Inserting two fingers into myself was pleasurable, feeling both fingers move separately, each rubbing a different area had me breathing fast again within seconds. I was so wet, so excited and so turned on I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I turned my attention to what I’d really been hanging out for.

I gently pushed my two fingers up against my g-spot, (yes it’s there for you unbelieving men) and applied gentle pressure. With both fingers I pushed and rubbed, pushed and rubbed, then immediately pulled them away. Less than a second later I repeated the move, then again, and again. Each time applying a little more pressure to my g-spot, rubbing harder and pushing harder. At the same time I used my left hand to squeeze and rub my swollen clit.

Knowing the exact target helped and it took me very little time to work myself up into a state I could not return from. Seconds later with my fingers gently pushed against my g-spot I came. I exploded, I squirted, all over my fingers and right hand and all over the bed sheets. Unlike the male orgasm which is explode and it’s all over for me I explode then orgasm.

I came solidly for nearly 20 seconds at which time I began orgasming. I held my fingers firmly against my g-spot applying pressure and moving my vagina muscles. Gently pinching my clit I then clamped my legs and rode out the movements of my fingers inside me. My orgasm was loud, rocked me on the bed and left me breathless.

When I finally removed my fingers I was sitting in a wet spot that would make most men jealous. I knew my future had me changing the bed sheets before my husband got home at midnight but my immediate future was all about recovery and regaining my breath!

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

High-Heels and Pain

“… After one hour, six minutes and 48 seconds heels start to hurt”

You can’t handle feet for a living without encountering some of the unfortunate side effects of wearing high heels — like foot pain, corns, and calluses. We (SurveyStud) surveyed 503 women about their high-heel habits, and the results are:

• 72% of women wear high-heeled shoes (39% wear heels daily, while 33% wear them less often)

• 59% report toe pain as a result of wearing uncomfortable shoes; 54% report pain in the ball of the foot

• 58% of women purchased new high-heeled shoes in the last year

• Women who wear high heels daily tend to be younger and are more likely to wear uncomfortable shoes

• Younger women are more likely to experience blisters and pain in the arches of their feet than older women. Older women are more likely to experience corns, calluses, and bunions

Why women wear high heels:

• 82%  for fashion or style
• 73%  to complete professional attire
• 54%  to look sexier and more attractive
• 48%  to enhance their legs
• 39%  to appear taller

Even after pressing these facts to our surveyed population 71% said they will continue to wear 👠.

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

Findings about Women in the Workplace

1.  Today’s young women are starting their careers better educated than their male counterparts.

2. Young working women today are also making more money relative to men their age than their mothers and grandmothers did. This is due not only to the rising earnings of women, but also to the falling earnings of men. In 2016, young women earned 93% of the average hourly wage of men the same age.

3. Each new group of young women entering the workforce over the past 30 years has started out at a higher average hourly wage relative to men. However, the more recent groups of young women have also seen their wages fall relative to men during their work lives.

4. These dramatic gains among young working women haven’t translated to an increased optimism about their career paths. Young women today are more likely than young men to say women are paid less for doing the same job and men have easier access to top executive jobs.

5. While a significant share of Americans (45%) still think society favors men over women, attitudes have changed considerably in this regard over the past 20 years. When Gallup asked a similar question in 1993, 62% of the public said society favored men over women.

6.  Women are much more likely than men to say more change is needed to achieve gender equality in the workplace. The gap is especially wide among Millennial women and men.

7. Women of all ages, just like men, want a secure job they enjoy, but they are less likely than men to ask for raises or aspire to top management jobs. This is especially true once they reach their 30s and 40s, when many men and women face the tradeoffs that go with being a working parent.

8. Far more women than men say being a working parent has made it more difficult to advance their career.

9. Among parents, women are much more likely than men to experience family-related career interruptions.

10. And among mothers and fathers who have taken a significant amount of time off from work to care for a family member, women are much more likely than men to say it hurt their career overall. Even so, about nine-in-ten mothers and fathers say they are glad they did it.

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

Female Issues

“…every 10 minutes, 12 hysterectomies are performed in the United States.”

– 600,000 hysterectomies performed annually in the United States (170,000 – 300,000 due to uterine fibroids)

– Over 5 billion dollars spent annually on hysterectomies (medical expense of procedures only)

– Average time off from work to recover from a hysterectomy is 6 weeks (144 million lost work hours)

– 60% of all women undergoing hysterectomy have their ovaries removed 

– Over 5 billion dollars spent on hormone replacement therapy annually

– 37% of all women undergo hysterectomy by age 60

– Myomectomy is performed less than 40,000 times a year in the U.S.

– Over 25,000 uterine artery embolizations have been performed worldwide since 1996.

– For every 10,000 hysterectomies performed, 11 women die. (Approximately 660 women die each year in the United States from complications of hysterectomy.)

Possibly as many as 80% of all women have uterine fibroids. While the majority usually have no symptoms, 1 in 4 end up with symptoms severe enough to require treatment.

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

Women Without Makeup

SurveyStud conducted a survey via Twitter between Dec. 4-11, 2015, among 572 young girls 8-18 years of age.

What we discovered:

At Least One in Five Young Girls Have Negative Feelings When They Don’t Wear Makeup:

At least 20 percent of girls who have ever worn makeup have negative feelings when they are not wearing makeup, reporting feeling self-conscious (20%), unattractive (17%) and naked/as though something is missing (15%). Only five percent of these girls said going without makeup made them feel more attractive. 

Young Girls are Starting to Wear Makeup Much Earlier:

Almost three in five young girls surveyed (58%) admitted to wearing makeup. Of the girls who wear makeup, two-thirds (65%) started between the ages of 8 and 13: Twenty-nine percent between the ages of 14 and 16, 50 percent between 11 and 13, and 15 percent between the ages 8 and 10.

Not Being Seen Without Makeup:

Over a quarter of girls who wear makeup (27%) rarely/never leave the house without it. The places that makeup-wearing girls felt were acceptable to be seen without makeup were home (89%), pool or beach (84%) and gym (82%). The places that were least acceptable were a friend’s house (67%) and school (58%).

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

+1% Female

“…56% of working professionals are women yet they only represent 1/3rd of the tech industry”

The Numbers:

1. In 2013, just 26% of computing jobs in the U.S. were held by women, down from 35% from 1990

2. At Google, women make up 30% of the company’s overall workforce, but hold only 17% of the company’s tech job

3. At Facebook, 15% of tech roles are staffed by women. 

4. At Twitter, it’s a laughable 10%. For non-technical jobs at Twitter (HR, Admin, and Blah)

5. Women now make up 30% of Twitter’s leadership roles and around 15% of its technical position

6. Twitter’s female employee population grew from 34% to 37% worldwide — beating it’s goal of a “one-percent increase”

7. By the end of the 2017, Twitter hopes to be 38% female

Hidden Figures

8. Average age of a social gamer 43yr old woman 

9. 60% of social gamers are women

10. 18 – 20% of Engineering degrees are awarded to women

11. 55% of Tweeters/Facebookers are women

Yet women represent 1/3rd of the social landscape of “qualified” hires.

Good example of this is Twitter’s “goal” to hire 1% more women by end of 2017.

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

Female-on-Male Sexual Assault 

“…nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men in the United States have been raped”

I watched an episode of SharkTank, and Barbara Cochran palmed a male contestant’s butt with both hands then winked at her fellow Sharks. To my surprise they all laughed–more so, the network broadcast the behavior on national television.

I immediately thought to myself, if a man had done that to a woman… OMG!  So I decided to do some research on Female-on-Male Sexual Assault. 

The findings:

1. Surveyed 40,000 people about rape and sexual violence–survey revealed 38% or 15k+ of men had been violated by a female perpetrator 

2. 2011 survey of 302 male college students revealed 51.2% reported “at least one” sexual victimization experience since age 16 with almost 50% reporting a female perpetrator

3. 2012 study using data from the U. S. Census Bureau’s nationally representative National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions found in a sample of 43,000 adults little difference in the sex of self-reported sexual perpetrators–those who affirmed they forced someone to have sex against their will,’ 43.6% were female and 56.4% were male

4. 2014 study of 284 men and boys in college and high school found that 43% reported being sexually coerced; 95% by a female perpetrator

Final thoughts… an erection is not a dowsing rod of intention, it’s a bundle of nerves that can be manipulated by anyone who halfway knows what they’re doing.

So my question to you, what happens when he says no–is it still rape?

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

Mechanics of Pregnancy

…93 to 95% of couples probably could conceive naturally if they tried long enough

Menstrual Cycles and Pregnancy

– 30% get pregnant within the first cycle (about one month)

– 59% get pregnant within three cycles (about three months)

– 80% get pregnant within six cycles (about six months)

– 85% get pregnant within 12 cycles (about one year)

– 91% get pregnant within 36 cycles (about three years)

– 93 to 95% get pregnant within 48 cycles (about four years)

Age and Pregnancy  

– 86% of healthy, fertile women in their early 20s are able to conceive naturally

– 63% among healthy, fertile women in their early 30s are able to conceive naturally

– 36% among healthy, fertile women in their early 40s are able to conceive naturally

– 0% of women age 45+ are able to get pregnant naturally (Based on the data)


The older you get, the longer it may take you to get pregnant. That’s primarily because your eggs tend to decrease in quality as they age. (They’ve been with you since you were born.) That means fewer of them are able to join with a sperm and grow into a healthy baby. 

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i

Help Make Her Beautiful 

…Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.

1. The amount of time you spend getting ready varies based on which day of the week it is. The average morning routine for a Monday is about 76 minutes, but by Friday it drops down to just 19 minutes!

2. Watch the way you use your mascara, ladies. In a recent study, 79 percent of mascara tubes were plagued with staph bacteria and 86 percent of women in the study admitted to using mascara past its prime.

3. Out of 33 brands tested, about 60 percent of lipsticks were found to contain lead. Note, however, that such a minuscule amount of lead makes it into your mouth that it’s nothing to worry about.

4. Women may be obsessed with a great skin care routine, constantly hunting for the best products, but men don’t feel the same way. 75 percent of men ages 18 and up are not currently using facial skin care products, according to a [SurveyStud] Group study.

5. Contrary to popular belief that hair loss only affects men, approximately 40 percent of women in America suffer from the condition.

6. Do you ever run errands without wearing makeup? One in three women admit that they refuse to leave the house without makeup on.

7. Sometimes it can feel like nails take forever to grow, but nails actually grow, on average, 3.5 millimeters per month. Growth rates can vary with time of year, activity level, heredity and age. Also, women’s nails grow more slowly than men’s, and they grow faster in the summer than in the winter.

8. There was a 32 percent increase in nail polish and nail care sales over 2011, indicating that $768 million dollars was spend on at-home care. 

9. Parfum, the most luxurious fragrance option, lasts the longest on the skin. Usually, the purest form of a parfum will contain upwards of 15 percent or more of the essential fragrance, making it stay on your skin longer than eau de toilette, body mist or lotion.

10. Onychophagia, or nail-biting, is more common in young adults ages 18-22. Very few adults bite their nails and by 30 years old, most nip the habit in the bud. 

Only four percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful. Believe it or not, this is a doubled increase from just two percent in 2004. Also, 80 percent of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful.

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i


…Because more and more women are watching porn these days

1. 23% or about 1 out of 5 women watch porn

2. 35% or about 1 out of 3 women in Philippines and Brazil watch porn

3. When searching for porn on the net, top three most-searched terms by women are, in order: “lesbian,” “threesome” and “squirt.”

4. When on a porn site, categories women are most likely to frequent: “Lesbian,” “Gay (male)” and “Big Dick.”

5. 300% search increase (among women) for porn featuring rough sex with titles like: “‘rough f*ck’and ‘f*cked hard screaming.”

6. 125% increase in searches for “romantic sex.”

7. 240% increase in women searching porn sites for terms like “daddy” and “step-dad”

8.  By Country

9.  Within the United States

Taking a closer look at the United States, the study (SurveyStud) also looked at what category, after “Lesbian,” was most viewed in each state in comparison to women’s preferences across the country. 

The “Ebony” category is popular among the Southern states, “Bondage” is big in Missouri, Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Washington women are randomly into Hentai. 

SurveyStud: https://appsto.re/us/Ddj18.i