Kissing Stats: SurveyStud

An average woman kisses about 79 men before getting married

Many women like men in uniform thus statistics show that women prefer to kiss:

– Uniformed Men: 39%

– Lawyers: 37%

– Accountants: 27%

– Athletes: 14%

The world’s longest kiss took place in New York City, lasting 30 hours, 59 minutes, and 27 seconds. Why couldn’t this couple hang on for another 33 seconds to complete the 30th hour? Frencher’s fatigue, perhaps?

A typical French kiss moves 29 muscles in the face

A kiss can contain up to 278 of different bacteria, 95% of which are non-dangerous

Couples transfer an average of 9 milligrams of water, 0.7 milligrams of protein, 0.18 milligrams of organic matter, 0.71 milligrams of fat and 0.45 milligrams of salt to each other with each open-mouthed kiss

Smooching can lead to “hot kissing disease” AKA interinfection of pulmonary tuberculosis, colds, parotitis, scarlet fever, syphilis and nettle rash. But it’s worth it!

Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingers

A real kiss quickens your pulse to 100 beats in a minute

A long-lasting kiss quickens the pulse and heightens level of hormones in human’s blood so much that it shortens the lifespan by almost a minute

One little kiss burns up to 3 calories. The longer the kiss–the better the exercise!

Men who kiss their wives every morning before going to work live 5 years longer than men who don’t. Pucker up guys!

70% of people aged 16 to 24 years had their first kiss by age 15, whereas only 46% of their parents had smooched by the same age

An average person spends two weeks of his or her life kissing

Best movie kisses:

– 15% – Spiderman upside-down in-the-rain kiss. Mmmm… spidery

– 11.9% – Lady and the Tramp spaghetti kiss. Mmmm… sauces 


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