Feeling Burnt Out

When you are leading, it’s easy to get pulled in a lot of directions — clients want your attention, your team needs your time, vendors and advisors want to see you, and you still have to get your work done (not to mention family demands too!). With all that going on it’s hard to get any rest at all. Yet when we are tired, and especially when we have been tired for a long time, it can zap your passion.

You need a mental health day, a long weekend, or even a vacation to recharge your batteries so you have the energy to have regain your passion.

…its like every task feels harder; becomes almost impossible to make progress, and any progress that is made comes at an increased cost.  

To show support Ive added a couple of things which may help:

1. Remember why you are doing this.

There was a reason you launched your business or enterprise. Working through the daily grind (pounding out emails and returning phone calls) can wear you down and cover up those reasons. If you have your mission, goals or dreams written down pull them out again (If you don’t, this is a good time to write them down). Spend some time thinking again about the difference you are making, and the progress you’ve made toward those goals and dreams.

2. Re-focus, re-prioritize.

Now that you are more rested and have given yourself some time looking back at what you are here to do, it’s time to set some priorities — those things that are most important and limit the number of things that we have to keep track of. Look back at your task list with new eyes. What’s most important and what is most likely to push your progress toward your goals? What things can wait, or not be done at all. Start putting things into categories to get your task list back toward being more manageable.

3. Do, delegate or defer

Now let’s quickly walk through your whole task list. Is there anything on there that you can complete in 2 minutes or less? Bang those things out right away. Just doing that will reduce the number of things you are working with. Next, what can you delegate? What tasks can be done by one of your team members? I know it’s hard to delegate, and they might not do it as well as you will, but you aren’t getting it done so let them take a shot at it. Get those things off your list.

As usual if this seems plagiarized it probably is. So if you see something that’s yours let me know so I can delete/remove it. Cool Beans…

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