George T. Reynolds, Founder / Senior Partner, SurveyStud, Inc

As the Founder / Senior Partner of SurveyStud, Inc., I’m always searching for ways to improve the company, and make people aware of the value-add SurveyStud, Inc brings to the table BUT… I often fail to share who I am, and what drives me.  So below are a few fun facts about me:

I met a crew member of the Enola Gay, which dropped the Atomic Bomb on the city of Hiroshima during World War II; met an actual Nazi from Adolf Hitler’s regime; seen the lost cities of Ancient Rome; stood inside of Neuschwanstein Castle–inspiration for the Disney Castle; toured the smallest country in the world (Liechtensteiner) population 35k;) hiked a portion of the Alps; two of my friends fathers received the Congressional Medal of Honor Posthumously; an additional friend’s dad flew Marine Corp 1 for the President of The United States; graduated top 1% in graduate school.  I’m a decorated military veteran; raised my children as a single parent, and I’m also the founder of the mini-gumball (An annual 6-day / 3000 mile automobile race across America.)
This is a small snap shot into my reality.


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